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Description: carriercapacitycrunch.jpgThe Carrier Capacity Crunch
Over 5,000 trucking companies have recently gone out of business and nearly 400,000 trucks have been taken off the road. In other words, there are 8,000 fewer trucks on the road nationwide on any given day. Certain industry segments, like flatbed trucks, have been hit harder than others. As a shipper, are you prepared to navigate through this capacity crunch? How do you plan to counteract increased pricing and decreased truck supply? Inside, learn how to win the fight for capacity.


Description: whatisaTMS.jpgWhat is a TMS?
Your guide to a growing trend in transportation management, this whitepaper reviews the basics of a transportation management system (TMS) and the possible advantages it could provide your business. This is a perfect resource for someone new to the world of logistics.




Making the Upgrade
This whitepaper details the top 5 reasons companies frequently (and mistakenly) avoid task automation with a transportation management system and outlines the benefits that await you when you upgrade your supply chain technology.



Description: SELLINGUPATMS.jpgSelling Up a TMS
Learn how to craft an ROI analysis in order to sell a TMS (transportation management system) to your upper-level management and C-suite executives.