Minnesota - Freight Shipping Services

Truckload Shipping

Trinity Logistics has been a trusted partner in the truckload shipping industry since 1979. From devising a plan of attack for your growing truckload volume to providing an immediate truckload shipping quote on a load you have moving today, Trinity can help. Your full truckload needs are sure to be solved with our growing network of more than 30,000 reliable carriers and our performance driven culture.

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LTL Services

Our LTL services here at Trinity will make your complicated freight shipments a breeze! Leave all the small details to us and we will leverage our volume and pass on our discounted rates that we get with our extensive network of LTL carriers.  With our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry you can be sure that we will keep you informed on any changes in the industry that could affect your business.

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Alcohol and Wine Shipping Services

Shipping wine and alcohol can be a very complex process. Having someone on your side that knows the industry and regulations should be a must when choosing your alcohol and wine transportation provider.  With Trinity’s 35 years of experience moving everything from blueberries to blue jeans, and a team dedicated to understanding the ins and outs of shipping wine and alcohol in the U.S., you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your liquor, beer and wine transportation is in capable hands at competitive prices.

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Fresh Produce Logistics

When shipping perishable fruit or vegetables, you have to be highly selective in who you trust to arrange the shipment. Our Minnesota office specializes in the shipment of produce and understands the importance of working hand-in-hand with growers and produce brokers to ensure that proper temperatures are communicated to the driver and the shipment is consistently monitored for quality assurance.

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