ShipDirect: Free Freight Management Software for LTL Freight Tracking, Booking, and More

Say hello to ShipDirect, our free freight management software solution for LTL that offers on-the-spot carrier pricing, selection, and LTL freight tracking tools. With a web-based interface, reporting on demand, a user-friendly interface, customizable dashboards, and direct access to your shipment documents, this is an extremely powerful tool to have under your belt. The best part? We offer it completely free, at no cost to you - and all you need is an internet connection!

Get pricing and transit time on the spot.

Ever wish you could simply put your customer on hold, quickly grab a shipping quote, pick the phone back up, and immediately inform them of the transit time and final cost of their order? Now you can! Our easy system gives you pricing and transit times immediately after you enter the shipment information - you choose the carrier whose rate and transit time matches your needs. 

LTL freight tracking, all in one place.

Tired of logging onto six different carrier websites to track your shipments? With ShipDirect, that's no longer necessary. By clicking a single button, you can view all your shipment tracking and load documents in one place. The carriers' tracking data syncs directly with our system so you have the most up-to-date information at all times.

Gain control of your shipping expenses.

You may not realize that by letting your vendors or customers arrange the shipment of your goods, you could be losing money. Many companies will add a huge mark-up to cover the cost of transportation, and you'll have no idea how much you're really paying! Don't be fooled into letting someone else handle what you can quickly and easily do on your own with ShipDirect.

Safely avoid billing surprises.

With ShipDirect, shipments can be preaudited before billing in order to ensure the bill matches what you were quoted - and you can even automatically build accessorial charges into the quote for a more accurate picture of the final cost.

Gaining access to ShipDirect is as simple as filling out this quick online form! 

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