International Truckload Shipping To and From Mexico: The Basics

Author: Kellie Morgan

If you’re thinking about expanding your supply chain into Mexico, you’re not alone. Business between the US and Mexico is booming. Perhaps you are looking to export your finished goods into Mexico for sale or consumption – or you'd like to import raw materials from Mexico to use in the manufacture of your product. No matter the situation, compared to shipping domestically, there are a lot more factors you’ll need to consider when arranging the transportation of your goods. Learn all the basics in this blog.

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Anne Ferro: Who She Is, What She Accomplished, and What’s Next

Author: Kellie Morgan

On July 25th, the Department of Transportation announced that Anne Ferro, the head of the FMCSA, would be resigning. The FMCSA, which regulates laws for the trucking industry in the United States, has had an incredibly productive five years during her tenure – but simultaneously, has experienced a rapidly declining reputation in the trucking industry. While her resignation prompts relief for many, it prompts questions and concerns for others about the future direction of the FMCSA.

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How Transportation Management Software Helps Reduce Total Expenses

Author: Ron Vest

Transportation management software is often thought of as a tool to help shipping departments select the lowest cost carrier. Other times, it’s looked upon for consolidating shipments or enhancing the way a shipment is being routed. While these are definite features, a TMS also provides opportunities for savings in both soft and hard costs that create far-reaching benefits for your entire company, not just the transportation department. The TMS has a dramatic positive effect on the profitability of all departments. Let’s take a look at how.

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When Your LTL Freight Needs To Move Fast: Guaranteed and Expedited LTL Shipping

Author: Cheryl Swain

In the LTL world, there are many ways to guarantee your freight moves quickly. Each LTL carrier has their own set of options (and rules for those options). In general, you have two options – schedule an expedited LTL shipment (which moves faster than a standard LTL shipment) or a guaranteed LTL shipment (which comes with a guaranteed delivery date and time, and if they aren’t met, the cost of your shipment may be refunded, depending on the carrier.) Learn about the ins and outs of shipping guaranteed or expedited LTL shipments.

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Trinity Logistics Acquires Full Ownership of Trinity Transportation Group

Author: Brandy McMullen

Trinity Logistics has acquired full ownership of Trinity Transportation Group of Buford, Georgia. Formerly known as Tappan Marketing, Inc. or TMI Logistics, the sales location first became part of a joint venture Trinity Transportation Group in December of 2010. Over time, the synergies between the two companies became so aligned that in early 2014, it was decided to convert this sales office into a full-fledged regional service center under the Trinity Logistics brand.

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