West Coast Port Congestion Could Delay Your Intermodal Shipments

Author: Lindsay Siebert

You may have heard on the news recently that West Coast ports have been clogged, delaying the importation of international goods. This is having an effect on both intermodal and truckload shipping. Here’s the lowdown on the problem and how it could affect you.

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Trinity Logistics Promotes New Leadership

Author: Lindsay Siebert

Trinity has recently hired and promoted new leadership throughout the corporate and DE offices.

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Now Might Be the Time to Consider Just in Time Delivery

Author: Lindsay Siebert

Having a ton of unused inventory can really take a chunk out of your warehousing space and your budget. The Just in Time (JIT) supply chain model can be a viable solution to these problems. Here's how JIT can streamline your inbound and outbound logistics to match your manufacturing pace and cut your storage costs.

Tags: jit, warehousing, supply chain

Big Pay Raises for Truckers Means Higher Rates for Shippers

Author: Lindsay Siebert

Due to the driver shortage, truckers' wages are going up. This leaves shippers wondering how this may affect their bottom line. Learn about the reasons for rising rates and how you can avoid them.

Tags: truckload capacity, intermodal

The Ultimate Collection of Trucking Infographics: 20 Infographics About the Trucking Industry

Author: Kellie Morgan

Tired of searching all over the internet for the perfect educational infographic on truck drivers or the trucking industry? Us too. That's why we put together this ultimate collection of 20 trucking infographics, all in one place!

Categories: Carriers, Freight Agents, Logistics, Truckload

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