LTL Shipping for Beginners: Three Terms You Should Know (and Why They’re Important)

Author: Cheryl Swain

Maybe you just took over the shipping responsibilities for your company and have no idea where to start. Maybe your business has grown from shipping parcel only to shipping one or two pallets at a time and trying to learn about LTL has your head spinning. Either way, never fear. We've outlined three of the most important LTL terms you need to know here in this blog.

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Trinity Logistics Acquires Legacy Transportation

Author: Brandy McMullen

Trinity Logistics has recently acquired Legacy Transportation, Inc. of Gladstone, Missouri. The Legacy staff, led by former President Harold Elliot, has joined the Trinity team in their location on Ambassador Drive in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Walmart’s Futuristic Truck Debut: Not a Prank

Author: Kellie Morgan

At first glance, you might think this truck prototype was an April Fool’s joke. Seeing something like this on the road today would turn so many heads that it could be considered a traffic hazard, but this futuristic-looking truck is the real deal – it was designed by Peterbilt as a prototype for Walmart and unveiled at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) last week in Kentucky.

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How to Tell When You’re Ready for a TMS (Transportation Management System)

Author: Kellie Morgan

We get it – when you’ve been managing your transportation manually, the thought of integrating technology into your processes can be a little intimidating. Especially if you’ve been doing things the same way for 15 years. But if you’re a good candidate for a TMS, it's something you should seriously consider. Read on to learn the telltale signs.

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Pompeian, Inc. Selects Trinity Logistics as Single Source Logistics Provider

Author: Kellie Morgan

Trinity Logistics has been selected by Pompeian, Inc. as the single source logistics provider for their main distribution center in Baltimore, MD.

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