Trinity Logistics Acquires Full Ownership of Trinity Transportation Group

Author: Brandy McMullen

Trinity Logistics has acquired full ownership of Trinity Transportation Group of Buford, Georgia. Formerly known as Tappan Marketing, Inc. or TMI Logistics, the sales location first became part of a joint venture Trinity Transportation Group in December of 2010. Over time, the synergies between the two companies became so aligned that in early 2014, it was decided to convert this sales office into a full-fledged regional service center under the Trinity Logistics brand.

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The Top 5 Reports Every Logistics Manager Should Be Running

Author: Kellie Morgan

The implementation of transportation management software is the first step to automation, visibility, and ultimately, cost savings in your supply chain. However, you won’t see ROI in your TMS investment unless you’re actively taking advantage of the visibility it provides. It may be overwhelming trying to decide exactly which data you should be analyzing. According to our TMS team, these are the top five reports you should absolutely be running.

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Guest Blog: Understanding the Metrics of LTL Capacity

Author: Scott Harrison, Southeastern Freight Lines

Scott Harrison, Manager of Sales, Support and Development at Southeastern Freight Lines, shares the three metrics that have an impact on LTL carrier capacity.

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Transportation Management Software: How to Choose a Provider

Author: Kellie Morgan transportation management software

Using transportation management software (TMS) is a powerful way to gain control and visibility over your supply chain – but trying to decide which TMS to use can be overwhelming. There are so many different software platforms and companies who offer a TMS product. How can you choose the best option for you?

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What is LTL Freight? Download Our New, Free Guide

Author: Kellie Morgan

Shipping LTL can be very confusing for a first-timer. It's a complex industry, but we're here to help! For total beginners, we've released a free guide on LTL freight and how to ship it.

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