Guest Blog: Understanding the Metrics of LTL Capacity

Author: Scott Harrison, Southeastern Freight Lines

Scott Harrison, Manager of Sales, Support and Development at Southeastern Freight Lines, shares the three metrics that have an impact on LTL carrier capacity.

Categories: Logistics, LTL

Transportation Management Software: How to Choose a Provider

Author: Kellie Morgan transportation management software

Using transportation management software (TMS) is a powerful way to gain control and visibility over your supply chain – but trying to decide which TMS to use can be overwhelming. There are so many different software platforms and companies who offer a TMS product. How can you choose the best option for you?

Categories: Logistics, Technology
Tags: transportation management software, logistics technology

What is LTL Freight? Download Our New, Free Guide

Author: Kellie Morgan

Shipping LTL can be very confusing for a first-timer. It's a complex industry, but we're here to help! For total beginners, we've released a free guide on LTL freight and how to ship it.

Categories: Logistics, LTL
Tags: what is ltl freight, ltl shipping

Freight Shipping Companies: What’s the Difference Between Asset Based and Non-Asset Based?

Author: Kellie Morgan Freight Shipping Companies

The debate about which kind of provider is “better” – asset based or non-asset based – has been ongoing for years. Some argue that they’ll only work with asset based carriers, others swear by sourcing everything to a single 3PL, and a good amount of companies work with a mix of both kinds of providers. When you’re trying to decide which type of provider is a good fit for your business, weighing the pros and cons can be difficult when you haven’t had the experience of working with both. Check out the pros of working with a non-asset based provider in this blog.

Categories: Intermodal, Logistics, LTL, Truckload
Tags: asset based, non asset based, top logistics companies, freight shipping companies, truckload shipping

3 Proven Ways to Fight Fraud When You Ship Freight

Author: Brandy McMullen

Fraud in transportation is on the rise again, and the culprits are getting craftier year over year. Fraudulent pickups, double brokering, and scams involving advances paid for services rendered make up a network of scammers so profitable, it’s reaping rewards for the scammers while leaving innocent parties to clean up the mess. As a top logistics company and leading third party logistics provider, we are always on the cutting edge of trends, keeping a watchful eye on fraud and ways to prevent it when our customers ship freight. Read more to learn 3 easy steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Categories: Logistics, Truckload
Tags: fraud, ship freight, transportation fraud

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